Facefilms, Independent Films and Cosmoco present a modern viking classic. Berserker.

A Berserker was a legendary Norse warrior, whose frenzy in battle transformed him into a wolf or bear; whipping themselves into a battle frenzy, biting their shields and howling like wild animals. They were ferocious fighters, afraid of nothing, seemingly insensitive to pain while this madness lasted, they even attacked the boulders and trees of the forest. It was not uncommon to kill their own people. The primary role of the Berserker was as a warrior attached to a King’s army. Outside of this role they were typified as murderous brutes who repeatedly disrupted the peace of the viking community. In 1015, King Hákonarson of Norway outlawed Berserkers. There has never been an English Language film made about these legendary warriors that once existed and fought on our very shores. “Berserker” is based on a classic western, re-imagined and set in a viking village with a mythical twist. A unique spin on the genre. This is a tale of love, family, belonging and a fight for survival. Raw emotion juxtaposed with ultra violence. This film will appeal to a huge audience and a wide demographic.


In an ancient viking settlement on the shores of what we now call Scotland, a mysterious battle-scared man arrives at the door step of a family on the outskirts of the village. The father offers him shelter and food in exchange for help on the fields and soon the quiet stranger known simply as “Ulf ” is loved not only by the family’s deaf son, who idolizes his abilities with a sword, but begins to win the affections of his mother “Freyja”. The local warlord “Bödvar” is hell bent on dragging the residents of the settlement along with him on his heathen crusades and those who have tried opposing him do not do so for long. Desperate for a champion to stand up and oppose him, the family’s father “Hieke” assumes responsibility, but is surely no match for Bödvar’s force. It soon emerges that Ulf will not be able to escape his past and his true nature will be exposed, in a final bloody showdown with Bödvar and the fiend he has summoned to confront him.








Viking/Western/ Supernatural

Run time

~100 minutes


UK & Scandinavia / English


Oliver Blackburn


Luc Roeg
William Borthwick
James Lance
James Cosmo


William Borthwick
James Lance



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